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1) All submissions must be in PDF format via FilmFreeway.

2) All levels of experience eligible, whether it is your first script or your 100th...

3) All screenplays are considered complete once they are submitted to us. No revisions or updated copies will be accepted. 

4) Submission fees are non-refundable.

5) Feature-length scripts must be a minimum of 35+ pages.

6) Short Scripts must be under 35 pages.

7) All the screenplays must be in English language.

8) We do not accept anonymous submissions.

9) Submissions must be original in content - you must own the property rights to the script.

10) One script submission per entry fee. You can submit as many scripts as you like but these must be individually submitted. 

11) We guarantee that any of the scrips which we get will not be publicly presented.

12) We reserve the right to change the date of our anual event

CONTACT US (Monday - Friday , 9-5pm , PDT) , +1 44 22 90 92 04

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